McMazing Tales

McMazing Tales On Tour

A taste of our live show experience.

The Ooey Gooey Ghost

Some things are scary. Some things are worse.

Bubbles, Love, and Troubles

Romance, blossoming amidst the kelp and kippers, classic style. Feel free to boo, hiss, sigh and cheer.

Snippets From Pecos Bill

Timpanogos Storytelling Festival 2009.

The Friendless Monkey and the Bee

A cautionary tale of fickle friendship, and monkey mayhem.

Letters with Lloyd

So many words start with X! LeRnig Wyth Lloyd Is Funn!

The Agitated Mass

Some people just shouldn’t be friends.

Monster in the Woods

In the tradition of Brother’s Grimm, this fairy tale about loss, love, and loneliness, may be a bit scary for young children -unless they’re British.

Puppetry Demo Reel

A brief sample of some of our work. Our live shows involve many of the same characters.