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Mount Laurel: Rescue personnel used inflatable boats and even front end loaders to reach residents and even their pets stranded by the Atlantic tidal surge compounded by the heavy rain and winds of Hurricane Sandy. Many had been trapped in their homes since early Monday evening. Loader buckets were lifted to the second story and even the attics of homes to retrieve victims, who were then transferred to the beds of dump trucks, which could safely carry them to high ground.

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6. For more information and to register, call 586 949 0400, ext. 1138.. That event? The Big City Lacrosse Classic, which is a triple header featuring Delaware vs. Hofstra at 1:00 pm, 1 Virginia vs. 2 North Carolina at 4:00 pm and the nightcap of SU vs.

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If you have lived in Santa Barbara for a while, chances are you either knew Gary or know someone who did. To accompany Gary on a short walk in Santa Barbara was to stop often and chat with friends, artists, and associates. From Mountain Drive to downtown, he had a series of wonderful, whimsical studio homes..

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