McMazing Tales

Don’t be left out, like me.

Yes, I am the star puppet here at McMazing tales, which is why it came as a total shock to discover I had been completely written out of this summer’s extravaganza.  Ignored, put out to pasture, treated like an old used up sock. Darn them! Darn them all!!!! If it weren’t for the few remaining threads of decency that still exist…

Fortunately, this summers egregious act of negligence has caused more litigated heads to prevail, allowing me to resume my pampered pin cushion in the proverbial sock drawer.

Beginning this October, come enjoy McMazing tales all new show Pajama Monster at a Library near you. Then, in December, renew your faith in humanity as Ruby, the Christmas Cow saves, um, Christmas.

We’ll also be taking Pecos Bill on the road to elementary schools, ask your principle if it can be yours.

It’s all very exciting! Especially the part with me in it.


p.s. Please enjoy a few more stills from this summers performance.

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