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He started volunteering as a firefighter not long after arriving at Fort Wainwright in 2012 because he wanted to serve his new community. He started researching Fort Wainwright area fire departments while he was in boot camp in Missouri, before arriving at his first duty station. He said he heard a lot about one department [...]

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Moreover, pollution free environment and tax benefits are a given. Thus, it’s not only good thing when it comes to the environment it also works well for your pocket. A simple heating system in a household can comprise of one solar panel. In the thriving Brickell District, EAST, Miami will be perched on top of [...]

the second quarter

Goalies Miller 11 14 4 (23 shots 21 saves). Tampa Bay, Garon 4 8 0 (14 13). A (19,204). 10, 2017, on the final element of the memorial. The tower to be built near the park’s entrance will feature 40 tubular metal wind chimes, one each for the 33 passengers and seven crew members who [...]

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Mount Laurel: Rescue personnel used inflatable boats and even front end loaders to reach residents and even their pets stranded by the Atlantic tidal surge compounded by the heavy rain and winds of Hurricane Sandy. Many had been trapped in their homes since early Monday evening. Loader buckets were lifted to the second story and [...]

mortgage on a house

The Sabres and Thunder scrapped through a tight first half Saturday and looked to be headed to halftime in a scoreless tie before Sutherland was whistled for a foul just outside their 18 yard box with two minutes left in the 40 minute half. Pannu stepped up and hit a cracker of a free kick [...]