McMazing Tales

About McMazing Tales Children's Storytellers

A biographical non-fiction mixed with fictional elements

With 100% Human Quality Creativity, and stories plucked fresh from their
belly buttons, Will McAllister and Randall McNair were born far away from
a mountaintop in Tennessee and have yet to kill a bar or own a coon
skin cap. But if you’re looking for worthwhile, educational, fun, and crazy
storytellers fit for the whole family, you’ve stopped at the right station, pardner.

Will and Randall met at BYU while studying Film and Animation, respectively.
Since then they have fused their talents for mind-tickling entertainment at
schools, libraries, museums, and presidential inaugurations everywhere.

Guaranteed to not be what you expect.

Hold on to your pockets; McMazing Tales has arrived!

Please check out our blog for upcoming show dates and times.